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Caliso Temps

Caliso Temps by Humpage Technology

Caliso Temps - Temperature Calibration Software for the 21st Century

Before purchasing any temperature calibration instrument, make sure that it will work with Caliso Temps. Please let us know if you require any additions to the devices supported, we're always happy to do our best.
Several years in the making, Caliso Temps is simply the best temperature calibration software there is.

We've worked alongside manufacturers of some of the world's finest temperature calibration equipment to bring you software that's truly unique. Now, whatever equipment you use, or are about to purchase, the chances are that it will work with Caliso Temps.

IsotechMicroK, TTI-22, TTI-2, TTI-7, Switchboxes, ALL Calibration Blocks and Baths
CropicoSeries 3000 Precision Thermometer
ASLF200, F150, F250, B-series calibration blocks
JofraCTC, ETC, ITC Calibration Blocks, DTI-1000 Precision Thermometer
TechneStandard and H-series Calibration Blocks, Accu-Temp, Accu-Temp II
Hart ScientificCalibration Blocks and Furnaces, 1529 Chub-E4 Precision Thermometer, Surface Probe Calibrator, Black Stack
DruckDBC series dry-block calibrators
LabfaciltyLabCal Plus and Tempmaster Precision Thermometers
DostmannP600 hand-held digital thermometer, ATP4200, DDM900 and DDM1000 Precision Thermometers
JulaboCalibration Baths
Anville Instruments410, 415, 420, 425, 825 Dataloggers

Caliso Temps, together with suitable instruments, provides exceptional power and simplicity when it comes to automated temperature calibration.

Nowadays, most manufacturers will supply you with with a piece of software that will allow you to connect their instruments to your computer. Some work OK, others unfortunately can only be described as terrible. Furthermore, they will only work with one manufacturer's instruments, which means 2 things:

You will need to learn how to use several different programs

Unless you restrict yourself to one manufacturer, you will be unable to integrate ALL of your instruments into an automated system

With Caliso Temps working for you, all of that becomes a thing of the past.