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Pressure Calibration

For pressure sensor calibration of the complete EaziVal system the pressure of the transducer must be maintained at a stable value. EaziVal provides multi-point calibration at 'high', 'low' and 'check-point' pressure with the scale and offset values calculated for each pressure sensor. The Ashcroft pressure calibrator provides fast pressure change enabling rapid setting of the three pressure set points.

Ashcroft PDTG3089-CP916 pressure calibrator

Part number PDTG3089-CP916

Pressure range -0.850 bar to 4 bar gauge

Accuracy ±0.05% (total error band)

Over pressure limit 8 bar

Display units mbar, bar, PSI

Display 5 digits

Indicator dimensions 43mm deep x 80mm diameter

Power supply 3AAA batteries, 1000 hour life

Operating ambient -18°C to 63°C

Total error band accuracy includes linearity, hysteresis, temperature and repeatability errors and that all readings from zero to full scale are within the stated accuracy.

Supplied with UKAS calibration certificate at four pressures in the sterilizer operating range.