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Anville EaziVal operator training

EaziVal software is simple and intuitive, but operator training is very important.

An engineer is provided for one day to install EaziVal on to your computer, provide system configuration, system commissioning and full operator training. Several trainees can attend a single course. A set of documents is provided for each trainee with details of the course and it's successful completion. If you require the training to be done at your site a charge will be made for the travel and accommodation costs incurred.

The training course for the EaziVal system takes a day to complete and is presented in modular format with instruction from a trainer and tasks to be completed by the trainee. The course requires the use of the customer's Anville Series 825 data logger and computer.

There are several modules in the course for the trainee to complete:

  • Module 1: the site window and machine selection

  • Module 2: Create data logger setups

  • Module 3: Create test setups. Monitor channel facility

  • Module 4: User management, operator/supervisor access and password configuration

  • Module 5: System temperature and pressure calibration. Calibration verification

  • Module 6: Selection of new test to be run

  • Module 7: Data logging and online entry of test data

  • Module 8: Viewer facility

  • Module 9: Report generation, printout and archive

  • Module 10: Report file management, report distribution and PDF report generation