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Process Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Alarm

Argon Series GSM Temperature Monitor and Alarm System

Did you ever want to have a low cost solution to your remote temperature monitoring problem? Look no further, this range of low cost devices can be used wherever a small stand alone system is required. Connecting via the mobile phone network, the only extra you need is a contract SIM.

The Argon alert and monitoring solution allows the user to pre-set a temperature range and receive an alert via SMS, phone call or, emai if the current temperature exceeds the pre-set range. It is also possible to read the current temperature. An email/http log is also supported. Temperature logs can be recorded at predetermined intervals and sent to a valid email address when required.

The Argon can be controlled in two ways:
1: Via the use of SMS command messages. These are standard text messages sent from a mobile phone which are formatted in a specific way to configure the software (i.e. change GPRS settings)
2: Via a Windows compatible based configuration tool (USB to serial driver and Microsoft .NET framework required – ensure Windows has latest service pack installed on your computer).

The Argon is designed to operate with solid state 1-wire sensor(s) in conjunction with the Serial RS232 Proton-1 Temperature adapter. (Included in the Argon kit). A range of sensors is availalbe to suit most applications.

Units are available with inputs for 1, 2 or 5 channels.


Global Quad Band GSM/GPRS Engine

External GSM Antenna for increased performance


Frequency Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Dimensions: 93 mm x 67 mm x 28 mm

Weight: 385g (excluding PSU)

Supply Voltage: 5V-60V

Modem Temperature Limits: -20°C ~ +70°C

Sensor Temperature Limits: -30°C ~ +125°C