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Hospital Validation

Laundry Validation

Tecnosoft single channel loggers

For hospital washer-disinfector and laundry validation accurate temperature measurement is required to meet HTM2030 and HSG[95]18 guidelines. Anville Instruments, manufacturers of the EaziVal 825 validation system, are the sole UK distributors for Tecnosoft PasteurDisk and StrerilDisk single channel data loggers for this application. Thermocouples can be used for temperature validation of multi-cabinet washer-disinfectors, but using a number of single channel data loggers is a cost-effective and faster alternative.

PasteurDisk single channel thermometer

This battery powered data logger is specially designed for monitoring temperature in severe operating environments up to 100°C. In a rugged stainless steel housing, with an external 'probe' temperature sensor, the PasterurDisk provides a low cost solution for accurate and reliable temperature monitoring of single chamber and multi-chamber washer-disinfectors, bed-pan washers and ,using an additional housing, laundry washing machines. Robust housings in ptfe or stainless steel are available for the harsh environment found in laundry machines.


Digital thermometer

Number of readings 15000

Logging interval 1 second to 255 minutes

Dimensions 36mm x 18mm plus probe

Start options Immediate start or delayed start other options may be specified

Stop options When full, after n readings or wrap around

Functional range 0°C to 100°C

IP rating IP68 waterproof

Battery replacement interval Approximately 2 years. User replaceable kit available

Sensor location Tip mounted, probe length 10mm, 30mm, 50mm also available with internal sensor

Accuracy ±0.3°

Rresolution 0.04°C

Temperature calibration At two points typically 20°C and 100°C

USB Disk interface

The disk interface, with USB connection to a computer, allows an operator to initiate logging and download data to a PC after use.

SPD software

The SPD software operates with the PasteurDisk managing the logger and recorded data. The software provides trend graph displays, including multiple traces on the same graph, tabular data display and conversion of data for importing into Microsoft Excel for report generation. Fo values can be calculated.