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Machine Downtime and Utilisation Monitoring

Prodigy software features a Downtime Monitoring facility to automate machine downtime tracking, reporting, analysis and OEE calculation.

Manufacturing efficiency can often be greatly improved by identifying the real reasons and true extent of production stoppages, constraints or bottlenecks caused by machine downtime. Prodigy's Downtime Monitoring facility automates downtime data acquisition, reporting and analysis for optimization of uptime, output and return on investment.

Specifically designed for the automatic capture of machine performance data in realtime it minimises labour input and makes management information available instantly on demand.

Machine Downtime Tracking

Optimize uptime

Minimize down time

Improve efficiency

Increase profitability

View & filter events

Unlimited events

Event sub-categories

Split downtime events

Add user comments

Machine set-up codes

Manual override

Complex event detection

Typical Downtime System Overview

A typical machine down time monitoring system is based around a single centrally located industrial PC with Microsoft Windows operating system. Specialised keypad terminals are situated adjacent to the machines to provide an interface between operators, machines and PC.

Existing computer networking or dedicated wiring is used to connect between terminals and the PC. Any number of machines or production lines can be connected and monitored simultaneously with the status of each machine continuously recorded. The collected data is used to accurately calculate downtime, production rates, scrap count & reject rates, machine speeds as well as machine efficiency and OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

The PC display acts as a 'shop floor overview' visualisation that gives the user an instant update on the production process at a glance. For instance, running machines are outlined in green, stopped machines in red, out of service machines in grey etc..

Clicking on any machine 'zooms in' to a full screen display of that machine showing more detailed information such as the current reason for stoppage, machine efficiency, estimated time to end of batch, number of products manufactured this shift/day etc.. Displays are fully customisable, interactive with animated graphics and can incorporate realtime and historic trend graphs. Any number of display screens or levels can be provided to represent even the most complex of operations.

The screenshot below shows three machines which, on the live system, are animated when running. In this example each machine has production and scrap counters and a realtime trend showing actual versus target production rates.

For fast response to problems any monitored parameter can have alarm limits set to trigger a siren, beacon, printer, email or send SMS text messages to mobile cellular 'phones. Alarms are versatile and can be used in various ways to reduce machine downtime such as alerting when stoppages occur, when bottlenecks slow production or when materials need replenishing.

Distribute Information Enterprise Wide

System information can be viewed wherever needed, throughout the plant and offices or remotely over any distance. This allows access by head office, overseas division or even a production manager from his home PC. User passwords and privileges assure secure access with all user actions being recorded by the system.

All recorded data is stored in Microsoft Access compatible databases and can be shared with a wide range of standard PC applications. This allows exchange of information with production planning systems and enterprise information systems to feed back what has been achieved.

Relevant information is key to maximising efficiency and Prodigy provides powerful tools and reports to extract the information you need.