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Thermal Validation Hardware

S-Micro Data Logger

S-Micro Miniature High Temperature Data Logger

The S-Micro (140C) and P-Micro (100C) data loggers now make temperature monitoring in sterilization and pasteurization processes even simpler, thanks to their reduced dimensions that make them the monitoring device for autoclaves with the smallest volume in the world.


The loggers can be used with two types of software:

SPD, for quick and easy monitoring: start the devices, run your process, download data and analyse;

TS Manager, for thorough analysis and control: an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compatible software with multitiered access and reports in conformance with the regulations. Designed for autoclave validation, from pharmaceutical/medical to laboratories, dentists and food.

Main features

Apart from its tiny size there are many other important features of the Micro logger series:

high accuracy and precision: with an accuracy of ± 0.1C these devices can be employed in any application involving food, pharmaceuticals, validation, laboratory and medical field;

fast response time thanks to the 3 mm diameter probe;

low battery consumption for an extended battery life;

very easy to deploy in any type of package.


Temperature monitoring of sterilisation and pasteurisation processes.

Autoclave validation according to 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.


Entirely food grade and submersible.

Printed reports compliant with health

Regulations and ISO (data cannot be edited using the software).

F0 and PU calculation.

Supplied with a traceable calibration certificate (standard calibration: +25C to +125C).

Can be calibrated upon request for low temperatures (-40C).