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Pharmaceutical Validation

Thermal Cycler Validation

The Anville Series 825 data logger with EaziVal software can be used for the validation of Themal cyclers.

Special sensors are available to suit 0.2ml and 0.5ml wells. The EaziVal test set includes the Series 825 TVI, validation software, thermocouples, liquid bath with thermo-regulator and Series 275 temperature reference thermometer.

Everything is included except the laptop computer.

EaziVal Series 825 Thermal Cycler test set

This test set comprises of the following:

1x Anville series 825 thermal validation interface

1x Anville EaziVal SE software

16x Anville thermal cycler sensors

1x Anville series 275 temperature reference

1x Techne FTE10DDC Thermo-regulator

1x Techne 8 litre bath with cover

Techne thermo-regulator and liquid bath

Calibration of the thermal cycler sensors requires total immersion in a liquid bath maintained at a stable, known temperature. A Techne 8 litre liquid bath fitted with a Techne TE-10D thermo-regulator has a calibration temperature range from 40°C to 120°C. The liquid can be either water if temperatures do not exceed 95°C or silicone oil for temperatures up to 120°C.

The bath temperature is measured with a UKAS calibrated Anville Series 275 reference thermometer.

Techne thermo-regulator and liquid bath

Part number FBATH08 Stainless steel bath with 8 litre capacity.

Part number FFLAT08 Stainless steel lid.

Part number FTE10DDC Thermo-regulator with digital display of set point, operating range 40°C to 120°C. The bridge mounting plate has an entry port of 6.5mm diameter for the 275 Pt100 sensor.