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TQSolutions TQSoft

Introduction to TQSoft

TQSoft is the leading thermal validation software available. It works with most leading data acquisition and calibration equipment, and can be configured for all thermal validation requirements. Report functions are integrated into TQSoft, to make validation reporting quick and efficient.

TQSoft has been developed by TQSolutions since 1994 with GAMP procedures to provide thermal validation engineers with project specification, calibration management, data collection, data analysis, and reporting tools targeted to thermal validation requirements, but including measurement of pressure, humidity and other properties.

TQSoft is used for EN554, EN285, EN15883, HTM2010, HTM2030, 21CFRpart11, AMS2750D.

Validation engineers and contract validation companies will find that the functions available in TQSoft will match their expectations in quality and functionality. TQSoft will reduce thermal validation training costs, enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and improve report quality.

TQSolutions has a thorough understanding and wide experience of thermal validation requirements and can provide validated data acquisition and calibration systems configured to your applications. We can also provide thermal validation services that will help you achieve FDA approval.

The FDA Code of Federal Regulations requires that companies involved in pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, Nutraceutical, and Cosmeceutical industries employ validation practices as an essential part of their compliance strategies. Temperature is an important factor in many process operations (incubation, manufacturing, storage, stability, sterilization, freezing etc) and so thermal validation will usually be necessary to obtain FDA approval.

Version 5 of TQSoft has drivers for the Anville Series 825 thermal validation interface and we are able to supply this software as an alternative to our own when requested.